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This is my entry portal, there are other ways to access my sites, like windows, backdoors, chimneys or throuch the garden or Cellar, soem are glassdoors, some are opaque.
It is an access portal not just for my areas and fields of activities in the past, but also to my “worlds” to be accesses through the blackbox / whitebox nature order or reference space. PLEASE this internet thing is only about access how to find and maybe see and print, not the subject itself, a limmitted represenation, same a map is not the territory, or a scribble can not represent the terrain. The whol exercise is to ease access and support digestion and negotiation of issues and how they connect…

In the past I have only provided an entry portal I called Jump-Page – but this seemed to be not enough for people hav no time for depth and staing on the surface and hoping or dreaming or k´just ignorantly thinking a “quick-fix” will help, as they are rushing to places without breath, the faster the more they have lost their directions, positions, horizons, perspectives, horizons,… and also very critical, their Values and Standing (Haltungen & Anschaung) (sorry, not translation at this place, as there are much too many words encompassing the meaning of these two German words).

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