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April 17, 2010

The Cloud – or Last call / Final Calling wake-up call ?

Yesterdays neruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano called back lasting memories, a story from 1988, where in the press conference Prof. Degens from Hamburg was not ready to paint a picture of a lasting nightmare of an overheated planet or ice-age planet. (it was the major international event with Willy Brandt…. [more])
The media pushed hard but he refused to paint a nighmare scenario, as this would not be science he said roughly, the media should look back in earth history and make out there own conclusion, he only mentioned later that new might be only the degree of possible rapid change.
For people in environmental research this is obvious if we think twice, but it was for the media something they angrily commented: Scientists not telling what to expect and what is going on !
Now 22 year later this looks funny, now we know, even created possible ceilings and guard rails, as politics were more demanding than media, to have scientist do the forecast or outlook requested. But what is this IPCC knows and can predict the Future, specially when there are obviously only futures in plural and can not be predicted Neither in natural nor in social and cultural human worlds !
This is not a contrarian view ! I was reading with Ernst Ulrich von Weiszsäcker about CONTRARIANS already in the late 80ies, when he was in Bonn and Brussels, about these denying “CONTRARIANS” who refused to consider man-made impacts – on this considered stable and endless system of Planet Earth !
What an ignorance ! please see this article soon hitting the streets: “ignorance or compassion” or the work on GLOBAL CHANGE we introduced in late May 1990. Please wait for May 30th “Challenges to Science and Politics” touring exhibition.
At this point I can only link to the exhibition <a href=" and EARTH IN TROUBLE ! and check Human Dimensions and Human Responsibility with time and space horizons (Hans Jonas) , as this is the time, likt with Mount StHelen where we can experience natures ! non-point polution impacts!

Why I call this piece? Last call / Final Calling ? Because I think we should follow up on this question: Do we need “New Science, new Language, new Thinking ?
HOW ABOUT? OLD and proven, traditional and NEW Thinking and Doing and Sharing ?

please come back later – we had challenging days these days and years and need to step back, consider deep and other questions and answers

Meanwhile follow the links and consider what the founder of this encyclopedia of systems and cybernetics said about complexity, surprise and predictability when we introduced the new edition: and maybe these concepts to consider being concrete and share common frames and schemas:

In Santa Fe we learned that the more we study complexity, the more we are perplexed ! So let us step back, check the issues and context and not not consider we know whne we do not ! – or just need to meet at certain number to be safe and can continue to muddle trough as always, all heads deeep in the sands, fogs, dust, ashes….

Finally, what we experience today is not the last call ! Nature as icon in time has experienced much worse in times, but humanity is getting more fragile ever day, so we have to be on the watch on the proportions and consequences, the potential infliction of suffering.

November 9, 2009

Wall or no-wall – anyway which and what kind of wall !!???

reporting from BERLIN 20 years after…
a lot experienced – a lot is missed …
but as as WALLS are dear to me – and how we can trancend them !!
I willa dd here later – just comming from BRANDENBURG GATE ! in Berlin

here and so late in “these times”.. I can only recommend my “favourite”! Friedrich Rückert:

Whoever imagines mental barriers
which actually do not exist
and then thinks them away, has understood the world.
As space is entrapped in geometry’s network of lines,
thought is caught in its (own) inherent laws.
Maps make the world comprehensible to us;
we are still waiting for the star-maps of the spirit.
In the same way that ambling through fields
we risk getting lost, the spirit negotiates its terrain.

Friedrich Rückert, Wisdom of

I have seen so many walls – no walls – breaking – dissolving creating nes boundaries . that I feel beside SPACE WALLS and BOUNDARIES are my field !! – so you can hear about this here later !
about my “field” I recommed my/these WHOLENESS seminar pieces:

more at:
or maybe:

and/or see my BLOG


November 5, 2008

Obamas World – Africa and the World beyond Poverty! – but how? – which world??

 “CHANGE HAS COME TO AMERICA” – THE WORLD REACTS I read in Huffington Press Blog.  But how about Africa and the rest of the World?

I was pleased to hear Bishop Tutu speak up and was congratulating. MY hope would be to revisit AFRICA BEYOND POVERTY. Lots of work done between 1993 and 1995 with strong support from Bishop Tutu but also the Finish and Dutch governments, and also revisit not just “footprints”, but proportions and consequences.

Lots of work was lost as the event was so much contested and as our conference president “passed away” the day after the Conference in Nairobi in 1995 – losts of work, content and vistas have been lost – the central outcomes and workshops not even published ! Only some big potatoe speakers were published – as we expereicne that in too many technical-scientific-economic-political conferences.
was not only different, but timely and critical – if you consider the urgencies and importancies – proportions and consequences “touched”.

I hope there is a chance to revisit and up-date – so we can ask the contributors to have their up-dated contribution in ! AND THE ISSUES so get tabled. 
We should involve the sponsoring governments – and also our new OBAMA – and involve Tutu, Pentii,… and others of the drivers, stakeholders and risktakers form 1995.
please check out “AFRICA and the WORLD BEYOND POVERTY”  and certain sections like ECOLOGY and ETHICS – not just talks like ROBUST PATHS and REBOUND EFFECT Papers which have been published widely…

One step would be to revisit scales and proportions, how come that we still have a distorted world-map-picture in our minds and schools – and very oftern also on our monitors !
OBAMA might want to revisit the WEST WING series and our Earth Literacy – Map Alphabetisation efforts with the UN Decade for Sustainability Education UNESCO-ESD.
more links about the Frankfurt Bookfair and Literacy – or with Cartography Experts of ICSU-CODATA about this themes can be found there. Maybe this article mentioning Georg W. Bush and his Earth Illiteracy after an INTERCARTO 2006:

It would be silly to just blame George W. Bush, as he never really has been alone outside of his “sweet isolation”, so I asked 2 weeks ago the Nobel Peace-Laureate José Ramos-Horta from East Timor – he as president and being with the UN, a globally active and politcally insightful person all his life – I asked, if he was aware of how strange pictures guide our policy bodies and leaders – and he was not aware but had always wondered why traveling the miles traveling 3 days in his country and the miles traveling 3 days for example in Europe where sooo different. But oldies seem to have forgotten to check if they are puzzeled. But I hope Obama is young and curious enough in his mind and having been in the FareEast and Africa – to revist the West Wing series on WorldMaps after looking at the different shape and size of AFRICA on the WorldMap of the SAME ! United Nations organisation ! (UNESCO) – nobody seems to care – even when the issue has een posted and distributed widely !
see this WestWing YouTube scene of the Parody US Television Series:

Please see these WestWing YouTube scenes of the Parody US Television Series: Please see these Trailers:
Arno Peters: Radical Map, Remarkable Man

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