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November 9, 2009

Wall or no-wall – anyway which and what kind of wall !!???

reporting from BERLIN 20 years after…
a lot experienced – a lot is missed …
but as as WALLS are dear to me – and how we can trancend them !!
I willa dd here later – just comming from BRANDENBURG GATE ! in Berlin

here and so late in “these times”.. I can only recommend my “favourite”! Friedrich Rückert:

Whoever imagines mental barriers
which actually do not exist
and then thinks them away, has understood the world.
As space is entrapped in geometry’s network of lines,
thought is caught in its (own) inherent laws.
Maps make the world comprehensible to us;
we are still waiting for the star-maps of the spirit.
In the same way that ambling through fields
we risk getting lost, the spirit negotiates its terrain.

Friedrich Rückert, Wisdom of

I have seen so many walls – no walls – breaking – dissolving creating nes boundaries . that I feel beside SPACE WALLS and BOUNDARIES are my field !! – so you can hear about this here later !
about my “field” I recommed my/these WHOLENESS seminar pieces:

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