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July 26, 2017

Magic Roundtable – revisited

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After looking into facilitation and moderation the last 30+years it is time to revisit “time-sharing in meetings” and how to “stop the talkers”

Rules of the GAME:    past outcomes:  Bertalanffy Conference 2001  Voices from earlier events:

Talk   –  Communication:  VIDEO for the ENTREPRENEURSHIP SUMMIT:  

Geneva Peace Platform (OSI_UN-Geneva) intro to Sharing and Gifting: 

See the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) Newsletter   and a broader coverage:  and maybe the OSI website.

Article, forthcoming in MOTHER PELICAN:  Magic Roundtables: Sharing and Gifting in traditional and modern Times – Sharing – Giving – Gifting – Appreciation – Attention – Co-Creation – Trading- Voting, …..   revisited

I recommend this resource page: and the website on myths around dialogue and would to underline that Dialog is just one of my intentions and activities. Please check this diagrame from the late Cop Macdonald.

Presently I am working on updating my MEDIUM page and the original INVITATION from July 2017 in Vienna. So please come back soon.

You might be interested to check out what we did around the SPEAKERS CORNER with reference to OCCUPY some years ago at the Brandenburg Gate: 

or our ANNA LINDH SALON events over the years….  a more complete record of events can be found here.

or around The United Nations Democracy Fund and the Future Worlds Center: UNDEF: and FWC:   

Let me close with a big success and some dramatic failures:

The Success was with the Europeans Commissions CAPS project presentations. CAPS – Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation  Possible new research projects did not only present or “pitch” their project proposals, but invited to intensively learn from the “others” and negotiate potentials and challenges –  and maybe came to new, combined, advanced final proposals and hopefully great results.   Check outline and  CAPS 2016:         CAPS 2015:

2013: A tragic failure has been our efforts, working intensively and long for a Political Foundation in Germany, they have all the monies, collect ideas, but when it comes to testing and implementation – step back instead of risking moving forwards. Here is the Programe Invitation flyer: (maybe it was to early – or the wrong people at odd times??) Maybe we should try a re-run ! even under another “umbrella”?  The questions, issues, and means would fit well into our German National election today. 4 years later…

More on PARTICIPEDIA   and the First Virtual Congress on World Citizenship and Democratic Global Governance  – Discussion site with people and facilitators, leaders and members of world democracy movements (index).  The above paper is an Extract of: Dialogues and Conversations  –  Participation and Moderation/Mediation: Ways and Means towards Re-inventing Democracy and Good-Governance

AGAIN  A TOTAL FAILURE –  a whole website, yeas of efforts, all in the orcus as it looks like everybody want to “own”  his Democracy and ways and mean to share, gift, support towards common ends!   Please see the T-shirt above:  FAILURE AS POTENTIAL/CHANCE/CHALLENGE – “SCHEITERN ALS CHANCE – CHANCE 2000“. Maybe we should create DRAMA to make people confront issues some/they tend to ignore.

July 17, 2017

“Social Media in the Election – impacts of Facebook, Twitter and Bots?”

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ADLERELECTION TIMES – TODAY in the GERMAN PARLIAMENT looking into gatekeepers and crashers, magnetic portals, infowar, revolutions, knowbots and troyan horses, citoyens, micro-targetting, filters, echo-chambers, … in all aspects for the up-coming election. – check parliament television and and FORUM W…/pre…/2017/pm-170711-w-forum/514772 I was sharing here ELECTION CIRCUS – CHANCE 2000 and more on election voting, sharing and gifting. Maybe see this as a starter SPEAKERS CORNER: to show that these issues are not new, not suddenly happened in Washington or London. I witnessed that TROYANS were the key topic at the Systems in Munich 30 years ago ! So who was sleeping? and what about media competences, capacities, skills, ends and who ever looks into “Can Implies Ought? I just wonder…..

PLEASE COME this thing is on and ONGOING !!

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