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August 10, 2017

“Inconveniences Sequel” by Al Gore is hitting streets and airs in Berlin

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Zoo-Gore-IMG_20170808_200617-Filmpalast-s  Gore-Interview--IMG_20170808_195926-s  Gore-Hendricks---IMG_20170808_195758-s

Yesterday all Berlin, starting with ZDF’ s morning television, was around AL GORE and his INCONVENIENT TRUTHES.  Maybe at least in some and circles and districs of BERLIN and elsewhere … with highlights at the ZOO Filmpalast and The ADLON. It is election times and alarmists, contrarians, and extrapolists behave like in shifting sands, in their sweet filter-bubble.

The event and film?: follow: and see TRAILER  &  German Trailer As always the reception is mixed. Maybe start here with LA TIMES.

The public will get access September 7th in BERLIN and elsewhere

The “Exclusive Screening” was as we are used around the red carpets, film stars and glitter of the BERLINALE. But the themes of societal and individual transformation are much, much deeper…. so come back later….

I felt that the movie world – but not the environmentally concerned, the transformation hype trendsetters, some societal movers and deep drivers were not on deck. Instead we had Volker Schlöndorff reflecting on the matter of:  FILM and RESPONSIBILITY. As you can see – a don’t miss – at least what we can get from PARAMOUNT and GETTY…

I jumped in on the “very last minute”  thanks to a great BMUB team. My report about AL and encounters since the 80ies is due. I will add a link here a.s.a.p. and maybe try a look backward, maybe 40 years…. as I am not an Extrapolist and Alarmist, but deeply concerned that we miss the issues, scales, proportions, and consequences. Me !? about GLOBAL and GLOCAL Change? Maybe start here: (1990 or 1991) – as this were the foundational years beside Stockholm 1972 in Germany in the late 80ies, early 90ies…. First this comes to mind: Vision Television – How do we communicate? 20 years ago early in his times in NYC Kofi Annan invited the Media Moduls, Civil Society,… to the UN discuss the challenges around the media and cybercultures. One of the most energetic large audiences I have experienced here: 

Looking back we might be able to learn how such different “stakeholder”-gatherings can work and how different goals, intentions, scopes, … and agendas could not only be brought together, but can be boiled down to deep drivers and root-causes, where to interact and act (Leverage Points – Donella Maedows) ….

AGAIN: The event and the film?: follow:  and see TRAILER  &  German Trailer As always the reception is mixed. Maybe start here with LA TIMES.

The public will get access September 7th in BERLIN and elsewhere – join in !!  as we are approaching ELECTION TIMES in Germany….           hastily… come back !     HEiner

my collegues MANFRED RONZHEIMER has been putting some details about the new film together on his FB site: enjoy:

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