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December 8, 2009


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   Vegetarianism: Essential to Save the Planet?

Sunday, Dec 13th, Copenhagen UNFCCC COP 15 

Mogens Dahl Koncertsal Snorresgade 22, 2300 København S, Denmark, 7023 0082 How to get there



1 PM


Jean Campbell

Purpose of forum, what we hope to accomplish


SOS PowerPoint presentation

Sonja Lewandowski, Ph.D. 

ANALYSIS: Excellent summary of all the issues

The Main Cause of Global Warming

The Main Cause of Global Warming”

Sirpis, using video excerpts

Why I Am a Vegan

Tom Vennum

Urgency of Actions to Avert a Global Climate Catastrophe

Peter Hansen

of the Food Not Bombs Aarhus Chapter


The Future of the World May Depend on The Food on Your Plate”

Wam Kat, Ph.D.

BREAK – vegan food tastings


3:30 PM 

Supreme Master Ching Hai by video

topic to be announced  ******


Environmental Governance: Top Down Approaches vs. Grassroots Movements

Mark Gessat, M.A., Ph.D. candidate


Impacts of Climate Change on Africa

Stephen Mwakesi

Vice Chairperson, Kenya Young Greens

Convener, Organising Committee: National Youth Conference on Climate Change 2009

SYNTHESIS and Call for Shared Action:

Challenges / Orientations and Lessons Learned

Heiner Benking

Audience input: 

Surprise speakers and honorary guests with ad-hoc short statements from the floor “pitching” (max. 3 minutes, better less)



Preparation for panel discussion/round table

maybe intespered with Videos in the other rooms: 

STOR ROOM:   Meals/Conversations    


In this large recreation and food break we also have the Wallpaper so Participants can donate time and focus (also with comments and questions) to the pitchers and speakers so the panelists are briefed where the interest and where the participants are and wont to have enlarged / answered. this is done in form of a OPEN SPACE (marketplace), OPEN FORUM time alotment, and DAZIBAO (participants messaging method – means Wall-Paper in Chinese) – the time tokens or talking sticks will be distributed and alotted here, so Sonja knows who should be seated and where in the panel delibearations. 

IMPORTANT: A primer and explaination is given to all particiopants upon arrival !!   (documentations, examples, and any question you might have please contact Jean, Lina, and Heiner.

5 PM

Panel discussion/round table with participant interactions  – tentative list of participants (fishbowl with time-tokesn)

Moderation: Jean Campbell

Sonja Lewandowski

Lina Gschwilm

Matthew Sirpis

Heiner Benking

Tom Vennum

Mark Gessat

Sune ?

Story ? or Ellika !?  

Eva Quistorp (former European Green Parliamentarian)

                                            experienced with the methods since UN Climate 1995, Berlin and with us at McPlanet with Sonja and Lina)

I think we should have at least 2 more LADIES there and will have about 3-5 pitches which have received considerable time-credits in the market place as above.

Concluding Comments/Summary 

Jean Campbell


6 PM
Casual open-end story telling and action-forming roundtables 
                                                                 (STORE ROOM) 
as an impulse for ongoing further deliberations and conversations in the web FORA …

10 PM

(Latest possible END for night-owls)


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